Monday, August 20, 2012

The Village/City Conundrum

My conversations with the volunteers have been the typical get to know you questions such as "What's your name?" "Where are you from?" "Are you enjoying Tbilisi?" "What's your opinion about the food?" "Do you know ____ in Georgian?" On the positive side, we no longer have to specify in which  Georgia we are working. Although one reoccurring question that everyone asks is, "So, are you hoping for a village, town, or city?" 

Of course, we are all "randomly" selected to a host family and location, but the ramifications of this decision are quite daunting. It will be our first time in Georgia alone as the only foreigner (for many who are placed in the village) and away from the hotel. Our locations will set precedence for the pace of our lives.

When asking this question, I believe many of us are curious as to why someone would choose one location over another and the insights their decision tells us about their personalities.  I also think most of us are looking for comfort of a new perspective. If the village is the worst case scenario, why does Volunteer X want to go there? Am I missing something? 

Luckily (although others would disagree), we won't be place in the high mountainous regions, or in villages with less than 50 students at our school. From what I've heard, one is usually placed within a bus ride  away from a city or town. This may be a long bus ride, but if you haven't spoken to someone in English for a month, an hour bus ride would not be too awful.

Today, we find out our regions and host families. Thank god, we have free minutes to call other volunteers.

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