Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting from Point A to Point B for TLGers

This post is for future TLGers with some advice.

Before departing, make sure you join the TLG Facebook page, you will not only get updates about the program, but you will meet people who are leaving from the same airports as you. In Istanbul,  I had planned to meet two volunteers at the Starbucks during our layover. 

Don't worry you will meet TLG volunteers along the way (aka you're not the only crazy one). Before I arrived at Istanbul, I met several volunteers in Chicago. There can only be so many young American backpackers who are traveling in Istanbul/Warsaw- the rest are volunteers. If someone has a huge pack and 'looks' American at your layover, go say 'hey'. Worse case scenario, the person won't be from TLG, but have an amazing story like the guy who I met in Chicago. He is a student at UT who is taking a semester off of school, traveling to Germany, and working on a horse farm in order to spend time with his German girlfriend. 

When you arrive in Tbilisi, go through customs, collect your baggage, and walk through the sliding doors. There, you will find TLG representatives. Don't forget to exchange some money ($100 usd or so) and pick up a map from the information kiosk.  

One last piece of advice, drink as much liquids as possible at your meals in the hotel and eat the cheese. Each sweltering day you are allotted four water bottles. Even though this is generous, do not be alarmed if you glance down at your hands, only to find kielbasa. Eat the cheese. It has salt that will return your fingers to their previous condition.  Also, air conditioning doesn't really exist in the hotel either....good luck sleeping.

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