Friday, January 30, 2009

First Entry....and Not Much to Say

Hey guys,
If you find yourself while reading this particular entry, trying to crave a ravenous hunger with rice pudding from Harris Teeter and listening to British rap star Breezy wondering why anyone would mention George Foreman in a song, well, then we're soul mates because that is what I am doing while I compose this.

As you probably know, I will be spending the semester in Europe in a little country named Estonia. It's situated next to Russia and below Finland. Don't worry if you didn't know where it is, most people don't. Just to save you from googling the place and being exposed to its mail order bride system, I am going to provide a few interesting tidbits. People there like mushrooms almost as much as I do. Seals live there. The Estonians revolted against the communistic USSR by singing. And believe it or not they speak Estonian (a language of which I only know a few words). Oh, it snows there a lot, too.

Since it is so snowy, I am dreading packing because I am determined to have only one suitcase. As of right now, I have many tank tops, a few scarves, and two pairs of boots; however, the majority of my suitcase belongs to a myriad of Rick Steves travel paraphernalia.

So that's about it. I'll get back to you while I'm in Stockholm.