Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best Day Yet!

Today has been amazing. Yesterday sucked because I slept all day (luckily it was cloudy). BUT today it's sunny warm and glorious!

I got up and opened my window (the pleasures of not having a roommate! *sigh*) and began doing research for my silly Iceland paper, which is imperative that I finish today. Then went for a run, my first run outside the gym, and WOW! I was really hesitant to go running because I like a set path. I like to know how to get back. Well, I somehow ended up by the St. Peter's Church and just kept on going straight for a few minutes and then BAM! It was glorious! I was running beside a highway and there was grass and trees on either side of me. The sun was out. The wind was blowing. Even the Estonians were enjoying the weather by riding bikes, in-line skating, and walking. It was really cute to see families out. Some were teaching kids how to ride bikes, while others were showing the children how to skate. Anyway, it put me in a super super super good mood.

Came back and am now eating a delicious salmon salad. It has really lettuce leaves and fresh basil. *Squee* YEAY! So happy. Now I must write that stupid paper. Ta!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Honorary Dutch for a Day!

I know, I know. I skipped yesterday but I had the intention of writing. I just didn't get up early enough to do so.

Wednesday, April 1
Awesome. I did go to the gym after writing my last post, which surprised me. I didn't know I was that hardcore about working out. Although, by the time I got back I only had an hr to get ready for the soccer match and eat. How did I solve that problem? Well, I got ready with 20 min to spare and raced off to the bakery to get a plethora of goodies. It was funny because the English speaking girl at the bakery knows my usual order: a cabbage roll, a beef roll, and an aleksander...something so she was audibly surprised when I ordered twice as much as usual.

For the day Colin and I became honorary Dutch while we hung out with the real Dutch, Maaike, Maartin, and Auke. It was really a great group to have in Tallinn. Maaike had spent a month previously in Tallinn so she knew which winding roads to take. We walked around and basically fell in love with Tallinn. It's so old and lovely. The doors are AMAZING! Just the way they are painted and the detail in the carvings and the way the wood is placed. Wow! I really can't wait to go there again next weekend for Easter to be a real tourist.

However lovely Tallinn was, we were there for the game: Estonia v. Armenia. The stadium we went to held about 9,000 people so it was relatively small. And it was cold. But having the Dutch with us who knew the football cheers really created a "I'm at a World Cup Qualifying match" atmosphere. I wish I knew some of the cheers before, but luckily with football matches you just have to make noise. I really loved watching the match and it makes me want to go home, lace my fabulous boots up (if Dylan hasn't destroyed them), and go dribble a ball around out back. That's sounds perfect right now. Uh! But yes, back to the game, #9 on Armenia was a drama queen and should quit playing soccer if he is just going to fall, pretend to be hurt and waste my time. If I wanted to see acting, I would have gone to the theater. Geez! In the end, Estonia won 1-0. Yeay! It was during the second half so everyone was really anxious to see them score.

The Dutch stayed in Tallinn that night while Colin and I left on the 11 o'clock bus. When we got back to Tartu (at 1 am, but I was sooo tired. Lame. I know) we stopped by the Micky D's and got some Chicken Premiums. The sandwich guts (mayo, ketchup, and lettuce) got all over our hands and faces. That has been my fattest American moment here. Once again, a lovely ending to a trip.

Thursday, April 2
What a boring day?! I did nothing. Well, I went to class, the gym, and then international food night. International food night was alright; it was great to taste all the "wordly" flavors. I wasn't knocked off my feet by any particular dish though. The American girls made chocolate chip cookies (which were a hit. But really not a surprise, I mean butter, sugar, chocolate. Why wouldn't people love it?) and a variation of rice krispy treats.

Top Row: Maaike, Martin, David (USA), David (Germany) Bottom Row: Colin, Me, Auke, Mathias (Germany)