Saturday, April 17, 2010

Change of Plans --Well Not Really

As I said in my last entry, I made it into the Rennes program. Yeay! But those doubts I spoke of two entries ago were driving me crazy. As I went through the pre-orientation (and orientation) events I discovered that I treated the program like "old hat." Ho hum it's just going abroad, nothing to be exciting about. And that's just it! Yes, traveling is supposed to be exciting! It can be worrisome and tedious at times but if I am not passionate about going somewhere then, no. I am not investing the time. It wasn't until I had lunch with one of my professors around exam time, that someone actually questioned me about why I was going to Rennes. She said that I seemed to be so passionate about other things, and was so hesitant about my French. At that moment I thanked all the higher beings that someone had finally confronted me. Someone had actually broke through the artificial congratulatory study abroad jargon and cared. So instead of going to France, I'll be going to Taiwan again to research the feminization of migration to Taiwan from the Philippines this summer.

Earlier in the semester (after Taiwan), I was having a bit of an academic crisis. The time had come to choose a second major. The moment precise I had avoided since my second semester in university. It's funny to think about the meeting with my adviser now. I walked into his office, sat down, and gave him my transcripts. Then as if he had been cued, he reacted with a look of surprise as he once again realized that I was finished with the major (enough for two, really) with the exception of the capstone. *le sigh* I've got to eventually decide whether I want to graduate early or take on more classes (meh).