Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Give Up

So I give up writing about Helsinki. I know, I know, you all are wondering what happened to the fearless heroes. Well, we can treat this two ways. First, I could say it's like the end of a television series who only had one season. Or I could tell you that everyone lived happily ever after and plan to go to Norway in April.

Oops! Now that I've told you...I am totally excited to go KAYAKING in the FJORDS!!! We are planning to go the second to last weekend in April. Yeay!

Today is actually the first day were I have accomplished something worthwhile. I cleaned the flat! Although, no need for that much celebration, I still have an incredibly long list of assignments to complete.

This upcoming weekend Leigha, from North Carolina, and I are planning to fulfill one of the requirements for our honors course by going to Poland. As of right now, I am not that excited, but it's Poland! I am sure once I get there I will feel much better. I suppose, I like not thinking about trips so then I have no expectations. As a result, once I get there, I am always immensely happy. 

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