Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eh, Commitment, Maybe?

I have decided to try and write every day. I know, it's revolutionary and requires tons of discipline, but I think it will be easier than trying to remember what occurred every day at the end of the month, which I tried to do this morning. Failure!

On Sunday after writing my entry, Peter and I met Colin and his friends at the Tartu Choir concert. Poor, Gen was there too, but didn't know how to get in the room. It was really cool and made me miss choir. Alas! We left early because I was hungry, and I suspect Peter was too. (That happens a lot these days. I am so lazy I don't feel like eating. Ugh! But when I do, watch out! Eh! That sounds totally unhealthy! Oh geez can't wait for summer and all the fresh things from the garden! I'll eat all the time.) Anyway, while at my dorm I checked up on UNCG's choirs and BIG news! One of our choirs got chosen to sing on Ben Folds new album! What, what?! So that totally made me happy.

Monday, March 30
Got up, did my hair. Now, this may not seem too important but sadly folks I haven't like attempted to look nice in like a month or two. Sad, I know. Mmm then went to the bakery got my favorite (or some of my favorite) treats: the cabbage roll (it's better than it sounds), the beef roll, and the shortbread with jam in the middle cookie for brunch before class. When I got to class my prof told me that we were going to City Hall to meet the Deputy Mayor, which I totally had forgotten about! Therefore, it was pointless to bring my laptop, the charger, my Russian notes, and that class's notes. I was so prepared to entertain myself for allotted time. The meeting was neat, although dry and slightly dull. It was worth it just to sit at a round table and pretend to talk politics. Yeay! Go me! 

That night I went to the gym and found out I only have 4 days left of my membership, which breaks my heart into a billion pieces. I love the track and all those fit people whose muscles bulge out of their lycra outfits. I think I will survive. No gym membership, means I have to start running outside and play on the playgrounds more often for strength training.

Tuesday, March 31
..that's today...I am going to help out at the orphanage. Heeheehee. So excited! In my made-up world, the children would sing the songs from Annie in Estonian and know all the dances; however, Whitney tells me this rarely happens in the real world. I am sure the experience will be just as entertaining (or traumatizing) though.

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