Saturday, April 2, 2016

Slow Food Event: Two Rivers Cider Tasting & Tour

This month the Sacramento Slow Food chapter had an event at a local legend, Two Rivers Cider feature catering from Veg Cafe. The night started with the history of the Two Rivers Cider Company, which was started in 1996 by Vincent Sterne. Vincent explained the cider making process, which he begins with gathering local produce from Apple Hill near Sacramento and other Northern Californian towns. He likes to think of cider makers as the modern day Johnny Appleseed, as their need for apples increases the demand for apple trees to be planted.

Pomegranate cider 
Honeysuckle cider
Once introductions had been made, Vincent opened his taps of his seasonal ciders. Featured here were my two favorite ciders. The pomegranate has an amazing ruby color with sparkling flavors that tingle on your tongue. The honeysuckle cider was sweet and and aromatic. The pomegranate cider was luscious and refreshing.

The tasting was complemented by catering from Thai Basil's new vegetarian restaurant, Veg. A crowd favorite was the marinated tofu cubes that had a spicy kick. Another pleaser were savory samosas that tasted like Thanksgiving dinner packed a flakey pastry. Overall, the pairing of spicy flavorful with the light flavors of cider was a perfect combination for a warm spring night.  

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