Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best Day Yet!

Today has been amazing. Yesterday sucked because I slept all day (luckily it was cloudy). BUT today it's sunny warm and glorious!

I got up and opened my window (the pleasures of not having a roommate! *sigh*) and began doing research for my silly Iceland paper, which is imperative that I finish today. Then went for a run, my first run outside the gym, and WOW! I was really hesitant to go running because I like a set path. I like to know how to get back. Well, I somehow ended up by the St. Peter's Church and just kept on going straight for a few minutes and then BAM! It was glorious! I was running beside a highway and there was grass and trees on either side of me. The sun was out. The wind was blowing. Even the Estonians were enjoying the weather by riding bikes, in-line skating, and walking. It was really cute to see families out. Some were teaching kids how to ride bikes, while others were showing the children how to skate. Anyway, it put me in a super super super good mood.

Came back and am now eating a delicious salmon salad. It has really lettuce leaves and fresh basil. *Squee* YEAY! So happy. Now I must write that stupid paper. Ta!

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