Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alas, the Dryer Hates Me

Hey guys,

I have some time in between doing laundry and my events for the night so I figured I'd do a little fireside chat.

As you can tell the clothes dryer hates me. No, it has no known affiliation with sock monster; it is just confused. It's called a dryer but doesn't seem to know how to dry clothes. It is a peculiar object and three times smaller than the ones at my university. I think it maybe questioning its purpose in life. Who knows?

Today was pretty warm, the weather website claimed that it was above 30 F today! I actually did not have to wear gloves when I went outside!

So what is it like? Um it's hard to explain. Imagine Boston with it's quaint little wooden houses intermingled with huge gray cardboard boxes and you have Estonian architecture! There are tons of "malls" here. To make it easier for the walking consumer stores are grouped in single buildings. I haven't really seen a store that is by itself. Although you must bring your own bags to carry your purchases home or buy plastic bags at the store.

I really have no clue what to chat about my dears. What would you like to know? ?

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